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January 2016

Shooting a live theatre performance

Once again I had a chance of photographing at the theatre. I've been using my camera quite a lot. I hope it doesn't die before the end of the year. I've had it for two months but and I have reached 40,000 clicks so far. I always carry my camera wherever I go so maybe it helps explain why I've taken so many shots with this camera.

Shooting indoors isn't an easy thing when you don't own a really good/professional camera at all. Surely, it depends on the lights and lenses you have.

This play is called “José Lins e o Pássaro Poeta”.




Today’s Picture

Holidays! Holidays!



A local pub

It is widely known around here that the city centre is no longer the hot spot it once was. With the development of the city everything moved to the seaside, all the main night clubs and hot spots are there which left the city centre empty and somehow lifeless. It is still going strong during the day with loads of good known old stores doing very well. Moreover, if you need save some money just go to the city centre since you can get the same good products much cheaper especially when compared to the seaside stores. It is just common sense. It is hectic but it is worthy.

I was invited by a friend to go to this night club, which is in the city centre by the way, as he was releasing his band album. It sounded like a good idea. So, I got my old camera and drove to the pub. I had heard the government has been trying to revitalize the city centre for years but I had no idea how much different it all looked. The old houses were reformed and turned into very nice and cozy pubs. We met some friends and we had lots of fun there. Here are some shots!


Today’s Photo


I was coming back home from work last term when I came across this little sweet thing. I always carry my camera with me so…..


Great experience

Yesterday I had the chance to photograph a local theatrical group. Surely, this may seem like it's nothing new ,but this time, however, I am the official photographer. Lights were not perfect, far from that, but that's when a 50mm f1.8 gets very handy! Here are some shots taken yesterday.





Spending some time with my camera

There aren`t many things I enjoy more than spending some time with my camera just anxiously looking for the perfect shot. Surely, I still don`t own the camera I do want, which currently, is the fantastic mirrorless Sony a7R Mark II. What a camera! However, since there are not really bad DSLR cameras nowadays and camreras can`t see, it is up you to capture the moment and therefore your perfect shot.

The weather was quite pleasing when I left home around 8am. I had my Canon 70-300m and the 50mm f1.8 lenses in the bag. Ok enough talk let`s go to the pictures.


 The local zoo/park is a fantastic place if you do need some time to relax and be in contact with nature. It is quite a big place so you can walk and walk just looking for birds or whatever you want to. There are some native free animals everywhere too but they are hard to photograph unless you’re very patient.




Spiky tree shells 
Lovely Owl

A day at the theatre

Here I am writing from my favorite coffee shop. I've had a pretty busy day today but today I'd like to share th e experience I had at the theatre some time ago. My wife is an aerial silk teacher and it was great to see her students performing after a hard year of training. The school where she works always performs for a large crowd and the performance includes not only aerial silk but dancing, acting, mimicking and so forth.

I arrived at the theatre four hours before the actual performance so that I could take some pictures of the actors, dancing and the last-minute rehearsal.

Here are some shots I took.

Quite a bit challenging to deal with the low light conditions. The real trouble Imfaced was to keep the ISO below 3200 and the shutter speed between 250 and 400 to freeze the action.

All the hard work eventually paid off. What a nice and beautiful performance.

These are some of the over two thousand photos I took. Of course there are thousands more but I just selected a few ones that may incorporate the feeling I had while I was there. I loved the experience and I have joined every single event ever since. I love photography and I love the theatre so why not?

If you have a similar experience and you'd like to share this please send me the photos to and Imwill publish them here too.


Poeple making a living on the beach



The Travel Part III

This is going to be the third and last post about the travel to a city called Tavares so it might be a bit longer as I intend to describe the best way I can my experience.


After we returned from the free market we headed back the the house we were staying for a quick shower and then we had lunch at my friend's wife's grandmother. Wha a character that old lady is! People from the city, which is basically a rural city, are very plain and extremely friendly. Seriously, I was shocked. Every small stores I visited I was welcomed by someone with a big smile on their faces and genuinely willing to help, which does not happen here where I live AT ALL! After lunch our wives wanted to spend the afternoon with our friend's grandmother so we embarked on this great adventure without the wives. The sun was unbearably hot but it didn't stop ous from enjoying the afternoon at all so we got into the car and drove off!

Perhaps the photos below may give you an idea how hot it was.

We drove to a small hill from which a large portion of the city could be seen. Some black clouds formation appeared on the horizon, which was good.

Some cows we spotted. The people I talked to said it has not rained for the last three years and they are beginning to worry about it and the dam levels are quickly lowering.

As we drove further and further the only things we could see were some birds, water trucks (to get water from the dam to the city) and a few locals passing by mostly on motorbikes.

Here is something completely unusual. We saw some rocks and something that seemed like a cliff right after the rocks. However, we couldn't get there as the gate was closed and we had no clue who the farm owner was. My friend who grew up in this city so the chances of him knowing the owner were quite high. There we were trying to photograph through the gate when the owner simply popped up from the road. He was curious and at first glance he didn't recognize my friend and yet we asked him to go inside for some shots. He was incredibly friendly. It was only when we were already inside the farm that he recognized my friend who had already had dinner at this house and knew his sons very well. Had it happened where I live we could have been easily shot or the police would have arrested us.

The farmer even fed the birds so that we could take some pictures.

On this farm we walked for 30 minutes to try to get some bird shots. We simply couldn't do it by ourselves. Firstly, the birds would never land close to us. Secondly, it was too hot to walk under the sun. Moreover, It was becoming dangerous at that point. It was only we we returned that he told us he had some bird food. This is the photo I took from the birds. Tiny birds are simply too difficult to photograph.

There was some rain in the horizon at last!

With the coming of the rain (although it only lasted a few minutes) the whole weather changed. The rain would come and go intermittently, which changed the whole scenario for photography.

We were now heading to the city dam which provides water not only for Tavares city but for 9 more nearby ones.

City dam seen from above

Until yesterday I thought I had seen the dam entirely but I was caught by surprise when my friend opened Google Maps and showed me we had only seen approximately 20% of it.

We did get down there for some shots. There were some ducks and lots of birds I had never seen before. We tried to get closer but they flew away to never come back. I will be back in June in the winter season maybe I am luckier next time.

Down there the view was extraordinaire. There were so many different birds including ducks, herons and many more. Some flew very close to the water which could have produced excellent photos had they been closer to us.

We spent about three hours there dreaming about taking nice birds photos. Quite deluded we were!

Despite not having been able to the the shots we had intended it was simply a fantastic experience. Coming from a much much bigger city it was great to experience nature at its best. In addition, it was also a life lesson that I will never forget. I definitely came back home feeling better person, no doubt. The humbleness, plainness and friendliness have made me rethink how I was leading my life and care less for the shallow and unimportant things that causes so many problems in our lives.

Should one go there? If you do want to be in contact with nature and love photography it is a MUST. Some birds species can only be found there. I would suggest spending tens days at least. I think you should do some research before you go and get to know the place to save some time and get the shots you want. Temperature is a problem in summer, seriously! Just be sure you have lots of water and some food wherever you go. All in all, it's a small city abounded in FANTASTIC views with VERY FRIENDLY people! Oh, I almost forgot! It is ABSOLUTELY safe. No worries about having your gear stolen! Simply relax as it WILL NOT happen!

These were the last shots I took before I left.

The peaceful feeling I had while driving through the mountains can never be fully explained through words. It was magical! Oh, boy I am going to miss all that!


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