I have had blogs for some years but this is the first time I've tried WordPress. I know it is going to take a while to build this blog as I used blogger for five years.

Let me introduce myself. I am from Brazil and I live in the northeast part of the country in a city called João Pessoa. It is a very nice city to live indeed. We're surrounded my lovely beaches and nice people.

I absolutely love photography. I go to bed thinking what my next picture will be like, where to go and how to improve my photography skills. I am not a professional photographer by any means I just love traveling and talking pictures. My current gear consists of the entry level Canon T4, a canon Ef 75-300mm zoom lenses and the Canon Ef 50mm f/1.8 II. Cheap lenses but capable of delivering really nice pictures.

Today as my first post I'd like to share my experience in the country side. For the first time I visited a city called Tavares so I want to share this with you. It is impossible to write the whole experience in just one post as I would have to live behind many nice pictures so I decided to divide this travel experience into three different parts in order not to bore you.

The Travel

It was Friday evening. A friend couple was already here and they were very anxious to visit their parents who live in the city we were about to visit. My wife and I were almost ready to go. Just one more cup of coffee before we leave. It was 11:30pm. Despite many people had advised us not to travel during the night but we thought it would be better and less tiring since the sun wouldn't be cooking us during the already super tiring 7-hour journey.

The first three hours we talked a lot and tried to keep ourselves awake. Inevitably, after four hours the tiredness hit us so we changed places and kept on with the travel. We stopped in a small city for some coffee and my goodness! I was not prepared for that! It was soooo cold! We ran to the restaurant and closed the doors as quickly as possible.

The sun was coming out at last!

I left the car for ten seconds or so just to take this picture! I was freezing! My friend warned me it would be very cold in the morning and very very hot when the sun came out.

This second shot was taken about 60km after the first one. Although it was still cold it was bearable.

We were almost there…..

This was the view I had from the house we were staying in.

Day 1

Because we arrived very early and we were all dead tired we went straight to bed. It was only 11:30 am when I woke up feeling both tired and anxious about how much I wanted to explore.

We drove to my friends's parents house and then we drove our wives to his wife's relatives and then we got into the car and drove to our destination. The city is abounded in rocky formations and It is truly beautiful.

We spent the whole day at this place trying to photograph everything we thought that was worth capturing.

This place is said to have many rattle snakes but I didn't see any. I wish I had seen one so I would have photographed it. I have never seen a rattle snake in person.

Rock Pools

Some rock pools could be found despite it was the dry season. Interestingly, some locals come to these rocky areas to clean the huge rock holes as the rain season draws closer. The water from the rain is used for both drinking and bathing. There are specific rock pools for each propose.
Typical Local Vegetation
While I was photographing I wandered how hard people's lives must be to live under such stiff conditions. It is dry and hot beyond words. We aborted our photographic adventure within the first hour as we hadn't brought water supply enough to spend more than two hours there and it could be really dangerous to walk further without water and some food. What I did pay attention to was the local vegetation. Nature is really amazing!
The Surroundings
From the top of the giant rock we were we could see the beautiful surrounding. We returned after 4pm and capture the sun set. It worthed every second of it.
The Beautiful Sunset
We finished day one photographing the sunset. It was beautiful.

Next I am going to talk about my visit to the local market, my adventure to the city dam, which was fantastic by the way, and my final impression for those who might be interested in visiting the city.