Here I am writing from my favorite coffee shop. I've had a pretty busy day today but today I'd like to share th e experience I had at the theatre some time ago. My wife is an aerial silk teacher and it was great to see her students performing after a hard year of training. The school where she works always performs for a large crowd and the performance includes not only aerial silk but dancing, acting, mimicking and so forth.

I arrived at the theatre four hours before the actual performance so that I could take some pictures of the actors, dancing and the last-minute rehearsal.

Here are some shots I took.

Quite a bit challenging to deal with the low light conditions. The real trouble Imfaced was to keep the ISO below 3200 and the shutter speed between 250 and 400 to freeze the action.

All the hard work eventually paid off. What a nice and beautiful performance.

These are some of the over two thousand photos I took. Of course there are thousands more but I just selected a few ones that may incorporate the feeling I had while I was there. I loved the experience and I have joined every single event ever since. I love photography and I love the theatre so why not?

If you have a similar experience and you'd like to share this please send me the photos to and Imwill publish them here too.