There aren`t many things I enjoy more than spending some time with my camera just anxiously looking for the perfect shot. Surely, I still don`t own the camera I do want, which currently, is the fantastic mirrorless Sony a7R Mark II. What a camera! However, since there are not really bad DSLR cameras nowadays and camreras can`t see, it is up you to capture the moment and therefore your perfect shot.

The weather was quite pleasing when I left home around 8am. I had my Canon 70-300m and the 50mm f1.8 lenses in the bag. Ok enough talk let`s go to the pictures.


 The local zoo/park is a fantastic place if you do need some time to relax and be in contact with nature. It is quite a big place so you can walk and walk just looking for birds or whatever you want to. There are some native free animals everywhere too but they are hard to photograph unless you’re very patient.




Spiky tree shells 
Lovely Owl