It is widely known around here that the city centre is no longer the hot spot it once was. With the development of the city everything moved to the seaside, all the main night clubs and hot spots are there which left the city centre empty and somehow lifeless. It is still going strong during the day with loads of good known old stores doing very well. Moreover, if you need save some money just go to the city centre since you can get the same good products much cheaper especially when compared to the seaside stores. It is just common sense. It is hectic but it is worthy.

I was invited by a friend to go to this night club, which is in the city centre by the way, as he was releasing his band album. It sounded like a good idea. So, I got my old camera and drove to the pub. I had heard the government has been trying to revitalize the city centre for years but I had no idea how much different it all looked. The old houses were reformed and turned into very nice and cozy pubs. We met some friends and we had lots of fun there. Here are some shots!