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June 2016

A lucky Morning

The day started off pretty well for me. Made myself some coffee, and got myself ready to drive to the university campus. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get some bird shots as my maximum focal length is only 300mm. Of course that being on a crop sensor this focal range extends to approximately 450mm, which isn't bad by any means but of the the longer, the better.

I went straight away to the track and fiend camp. On arriving there I instantly realized I would have to get a lot closer to the birds if I did want to get some decent shots.

This was probably one of first shots I took. I wasn't happy with the distance. Although, the low ISO allowed me to do some cropping I just wanted to fill the frame. Went I tried to get a bit closer they flew away! How frustrating! To make matters worse, some black clouds blocked the sun temporarily.

So, I sat down for a while and waited to see of the would get any closer. No luck! Suddenly, I spotted some really interesting…..

A couple of owls. Two different holes on the ground. So, I patiently started to move very slowly so that they would know I wasn't a threat.

One of them flew away but the second one stayed put!

This owl seems quite big in the photo but it is so small! Just a bit bigger than my camera when seen vertically.

I am going back there tomorrow morning for sure and this time I plan to stay a lot longer just to check out the surroundings.





Continuing with my self-imposed challenge to publish a photo a day. It is not an easy task but it is such a pleasure to thumb throug some images I have taken so far. I quite like this picture to be honest.

I am about to leave to our university campus as I was told yesterday there is this little explored part of the campus which is great for bird photography. The sun hasn't even come out yet. Coffee is almost ready and then I will be ready to go.




I love fish! I have a huge fish tank and I am also building a small artificial lake in the garden. I think it will look great when finished. I also have two bowls around the living room. Anyway, with nothing to do in a wicked weather I took this B&W photo. I have challenged myself with, at least, a photo a day. Let's see how it goes. šŸ™‚



Holidays, holidays, holidays!

I can’t hardly believe I have seven weeks off! It does feel great when you are not in a hurry to do anything, when you no longer have that feeling of urgency Ā because you have to work in the afternoon. I am not complaining by any means! I feel blessed for the job I have as I do one of the things I like very much.

Two weeks ago I had the chance to attend the always-nice New Talent Performance Exhibition when the theatrical school shows some dancing, theatrical event and other performances entirely imagined by students.

During the event I finally made up my mind about talking photography more seriously. Having said that I think it is time to buy a much better camera. What I experienced with my current camera was the huge struggle to focus even when the camera beeped saying it had nailed it. Many many times when I checked the photos and zoomed in I realized they wereĀ out of focus. It is bloody frustrating to say the least! In order to make things a little better I selected the ALSERVO focus, which made things a little easier but far from being good or trustful.

I own the legendary and cheap Canon 50mm f1.8. It is a pretty nice lens but a very slow oneĀ to focus. Surely, it is not to be used in theatrical performance and in low light situations I know that but even in good daylight it misfocuses very much. It is not to say it doesn’t produce beautiful images because when it nails it does produce amazing images.

Interestingly, I think it has to do with APSC sensor cameras. When mounted on full frame cameras it produces much more beautiful images, maybe it is the so-called the “Full frame look”.

A professional photographer was hired to cover the entire event and one particular thing grabbed my attention. At first, I thought he was a little lazy as he barely moved. Then a second thought came to my mind…. why would he take thousands of pictures hoping to get some in focus when he had a full frame camera, with decentĀ glasses and excellent focus speed?

Anyway, enough talk let’s go to the pictures….



This photo was taken one hour or so before the show kicks in. Everyone was in a nervous good mood.




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