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Today’s Picture – theatre

One more excellent play I had the chance to photograph.




Today’s Picture



Just relaxing

As usual I am about to leave with my camera. I had a very good but tiring day yesterday. We walked on the beach for some time, stopped at the zoom for a few shots and finally headed home. Here are a few shots from yesterday.




Friday – New Pictures



Today’s picture


Rainy day! Because it started to rain, I couldn't stay fad long as I had planned.


Wednesday Morning

Here I am about to leave to the beach. This time I am picking some friends up so it is going to be a lot better. My friend's brother is here in town for the first time and he had never seen the beach in person, it is going to be nice to see his reaction. Born and raised in the countryside in a city I don't remember the name now he is used to mountains, hunting and all those wonderful things that can only be seen and enjoyed in small cities. I visited his city In Decemeber last year and I was amazed by all of that.

Today I am going to post some more photos I took two days ago.

I bet there was some sort of celebration the day before on the beach. I was intrigued by what I came across later. The picture below shows this huge cake that was left on the sidewalk along the beach.

Ladies' Bathroom in one of the many small restaurants along the beach.
I should bring some more detailed images when I am back. 🙂


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