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February 2016

Today’s Pictures

Playing with my camera in the backyard



Our last trip

This isn't suppose to be a sad story. This is a short story of my last trip with this friend who passed away less than a year after this trip. He was a real fighter but very conscious about his deteriorating health and enjoyed life as much as he could. He was a great friend.

We decided to travel in the afternoon as soon as he left his hemodialysis section. Despite his health problems we were really excited to be traveling as it was one of the things we both loved so much. So, we got our cameras, (I brought two different cameras to this trip, both super zoom ones which meant small sensors size lacking great depth of field and with tons of noise). The city of choice was Natal. I had never be n there before but I knew it was a very beautiful place.

Anyway, enough of words and here are the shots from this wonderful trip…

This is probably one of the first shots taken from the car window.


The hotel we stayed in…

On the road going to an unknown beach we had been just told about….


Lunch time!

This trip brings me some good and some bad memories. We were both with loads of problems and we both needed some time off. He was a great friend who died too early! We'll all miss him.


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